Guided mtb tours: Terms and Conditions

Bike Guiding

  1. Participation is at one’s own risk.
  2. Consider all risks (among others sudden change in weather, falls, rockfalls, damaging goods or injuring people) and their consequences. We recommend you to be provided of an injury- and personal liability- insurance.
  3. You will need appropriate outdoor equipment/clothing for the tour and be prepared for all types of weather.
  4. A helmet is compulsory
  5. We recommend to use elbow- and knee- pads, and a back protector.
  6. We advise you to bring tools and a puncture repair kit.
  7. We also recommend  to bring beverages, spare clothing and rain protection gear.
  8. We normally do not keep to paved bike or hiking trails on our guided mountain bike excursions. Therefore, always pay close attention when biking and gauge the difficulty of each individual stretch, on occasion even getting off and pushing your bike. When biking on public roads please pay attention, you have to follow the appropriate Italian road legislation.
  9. The event organiser is entitled to refuse people from participating in the tour due to technical defects of their gear and/or equipment or unacceptable behaviour without any refunds.
  10. Children and teenagers under 18 can only take part in one of the excursions when accompanied by a parent.
  11. No participant may leave the group without communicating such a decision to the guide.
  12. Transport and transfer costs are not included in the fee.
  13. The participant declares to possess the required technical knowledge and physically able to take part in the excursion to exclude any health issues during the day.


The participant, pursuant to articles 1442 and 1442 of the Italian Civil Code, declares that the description of the event and the terms and conditions were read, understood and accepted in their entirety.  (signature required)


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