Whether you are looking for an e-bike to be twice as fast on the daily commute to work or a weekend getaway or to broaden your horizons with a loyal off-road guide, we have the perfect Ebike hardtail for you you. Incredibly easy, coupled with a high degree of flexibility and a good dose of fun, you’ll wonder how you could drive without your hybrid.


Cube Hardtail Ebike: Made in Germany, a guarantee of strength, simplicity and reliability. The powerful Bosch Performance CX engine has been further integrated into the body. The integrated Bosch Power Tube 500 battery has highlighted the cube designers who have made real masterpieces. Among the CUBE models, you’ll surely find the pedal-assisted hardtail that suits you. Exceptionally lightweight, powerful and entertaining. Once you get on the saddle, you’ll wonder why you’ve decided on a hybrid bike just now.

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Get ready to experience mountain trails like never before. The new models with the engine and the battery built into the frame, allow you to get an added boost of energy to help you tackle the most challenging terrain. The new SyncDrive Sport compact engines manufactured by Yamaha and processed by Giant deliver smooth, instant power that blends perfectly with your ride so you can drive longer and harder, even on steep, challenging trails.

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