Specialized Workshop for MTB and E-BIKE

Our highly specialized bike workshop is located in our Intersport Nives branch in Selva di Val Gardena. Thanks to the experience of our mechanics we are the reference point for the maintenance and repair of your mountain bike and ebike. At our workshop you will find the assistance center of: Scott, Giant, Cube, Shimano, Sram, Bosch and Thule Shop (sale and assembly of portable and baby carriers).

We are the eBike professionals. Both for purchase and for maintenance or in case of repair, our qualified eBike mechanics will ensure maximum fun with the eBike.

Bosch eBike support:

Bike check: eBike system diagnosis, Bosch software update, battery capacity test
Repair, maintenance, execution of periodic coupons to all types of bicycles and/or various equipment. Replacement of any component, installation of accessories and modifications with customized adaptations.
In order for your FOX products to maintain their performance at best and for a long time, we recommend regular maintenance of the forks and shock absorbers.
Complete maintenance of the fork / shock absorber (internal and external inspection, revision of the hydraulic cartridge, revision of the air piston, replacement of oil seals and oil).


  • Thorough inspection of fork for damage and/or wear.
  • Complete tear down and rebuild of damper, including new seals and oil.
  • New dust wipers and foam rings.
  • New air piston and air piston seal (F-series and FLOAT models).
  • Rebuild TALAS system with new seals and oil (if applicable).
  • Fork bushings will be replaced when deemed necessary.

starting from 139.- Euro

assistance request
  • Thorough inspection of shock for damage and/or wear.
  • Complete tear down and rebuild of damper, including new seals, oil, and nitrogen recharge (for models requiring nitrogen charge).
  • New air seals (if applicable).
  • New Eyelet Hardware is available upon request at an additional charge.

starting from 109.- Euro

assistance request




SwissStop discs offer an extremely balanced combination of stopping power, durability and extraordinary quietness in all conditions. The compound developed guarantees a driving experience that cannot be found in other disc brake pads.


Disc RS delivers powerful braking and precisely balances the performance characteristics important to racers and everyday riders alike:

  • smooth feel in the brake lever
  • predictable and progressive brake power
  • very high durability
  • consistently quiet operation


Our specialized ebike center offers you the solution for various electronic problems. We also offer:

Battery capacity test with detailed report of the various cells (BOSCH)

Update software (BOSCH & GIANT)

Spare parts (BOSCH, GIANT)

Ebike chip tuning, no limit


Do you want to get the engine thrust over 25 km/h? We will mount the best latest-generation tuning chips. SpeedBox2 is a revolutionary processor that removes the speed limiter of your electric bicycle and the actual data are shown on the display! (maximum and average speed, the daily route made and the distance).

The SpeedBox2 is activated by briefly pressing the WALK button located on the front of the control panel. After pressing this button on the control panel, the engine thrust operates up to a speed of 99 km/h.

The use of the modified bikes is not allowed on roads, cycle paths and public spaces. We disclaim all responsibility for damage caused by the use of tuning chips. Electric bicycles with tuning chips can only be used on privately owned land and exclusively under their own responsibility.