Never off the trails!

Never cut across fields, you will damage nature! Respect the weirs!
They are essential for forestry, animal husbandry and environmental protection. Barriers are also important in outdoor recreation areas. The actions of authorities and administrations depend on your cycling style. Remember that on private land you are often only tolerated!

Don’t leave tracks!

Do not brake until your wheels lock! (except in an emergency).
Swerving encourages soil erosion and damages paths. Adjust your riding behavior to the trail surface and conditions. Not all trails support every type of braking and every mountain bike riding style.

Get your mountain bike under control!

Getting distracted for even a few seconds can result in an accident.
Adapt your speed to the situation. On passages without visibility, people on foot, obstacles or other bikers can always appear. You must always be able to stop “on sight”. For your own safety and for the safety of others.

Respect other trail users!

Always warn of your passage. Do not frighten anyone you meet along the trail! When you pass other people, walk at a walking pace or stop. Keep in mind that others may notice you too late.

Never scare animals!

Be especially considerate of grazing animals and all other animals in the woods and fields! Close fences in pastures after you pass them. Get out of the woods before dusk so you don’t disturb the animals when they come out looking for food.

Plan ahead!

Check your equipment, objectively assess your abilities, and choose areas to ride accordingly. Bad weather or a breakdown can greatly extend the length of the hike. Be prepared for the unexpected; carry tools, food supplies and a first aid kit. Wear protective equipment consisting of a helmet, gloves and any protective gear. Providing first aid is a must!